There are two popular graduate student competitions that integrate planning, design, and real estate financing. One is the ULI Hines Competition, the other is the HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing (IAH) Competition. Both require interdisciplinary teams to work on design, development and financing solutions for a real site in a north American city. It has been a great learning experience for students to work with teammates from a range of backgrounds to tackle challenging urban and real estate issues. We strongly encourage everyone to participate. University of Michigan teams have been finalists in both competitions in the past.

 The first step in participating in the competitions is to submit a team application. Team formation for the HUD competition must be completed by November 2, 2020 and by Dec. 4, 2020 for the ULI Hines (earlier than usual).  To help with team building, we would like to invite everyone to come to a mixer event for both competitions, where you can learn how the two competitions are different and hear from students and faculty who participated in the past. It’s also an opportunity for you to meet with other students to build teams.

 ULI Hines & HUD IAH Virtual Mixer Competition Logistics and Information has been prepared for ULI Hines and IAH HUD

ULI Hines Information for University of Michigan Teams

IAH HUD Information for University of Michigan Teams

 More information about these two competitions can also be found at their respective official  websites:

 ULI Hines Competition Information

HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Competition

 Please pass this invitation on to other students in other relevant programs and schools who may be interested in competing!