With careful planning, many students can earn a master’s degree and the certificate without an extra semester. For a Master of Urban and Regional Planning student this would necessitate three semesters of 15 credits and one semester with at least 12 credits. Otherwise, completion of the certificate program could take one extra semester. For those not currently at Michigan in a degree program (“stand alone certificate”) completion of the certificate program could take from two to six semesters (depending on the number of courses taken per semester).

Courses for the certificate may be chosen from the real estate curriculum. See Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development Requirement Checklist (PDF) and Course Schedule and Prerequisites Details (PDF).

Students may also find other courses especially related to their interests in real estate development; these courses may be approved for credit for the certificate with permission of the Faculty Director of the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development.

Note that a real-estate-related MAP project in the Ross School may be counted toward meeting one or two of the course requirements for the certificate. The requirements the course meets depend on the content of the MAP. Students should provide a copy of the completed MAP project to the Faculty Director for a decision about what requirements the MAP meets.