Current UM students

March 1 for maximum consideration for fall term, but applications may be considered through June 30 if space remains. December 1 for winter term.
Note that admissions decisions will not be made until final grades from at least one term of study at UM are recorded.

Non-UM applicants

January 15 for maximum consideration for fall term, but applications may be accepted through June 30 if space remains.
Applications from non-UM applicants may also be accepted for winter term depending on availability.  Please contact us to determine if winter term applications are being accepted.

Helpful Information and Available Courses

With careful planning, many students can earn a master’s degree and the certificate without an extra semester. For a Master of Urban and Regional Planning student this would necessitate three semesters of 15 credits and one semester with at least 12 credits. Otherwise, completion of the certificate program could take one extra semester. For those not currently at Michigan in a degree program (“stand alone certificate”) completion of the certificate program could take from two to six semesters (depending on the number of courses taken per semester).



Courses for the certificate may be chosen from the real estate curriculum offered across campus. See Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development Requirement Checklist (PDF). Note that up to date course offerings can be found on the Taubman College Course List Website. Please note that course titles, listings and availability varies semester to semester. It is important to check course catalogs for each respective school and college each semester.


Students may also find other courses especially related to their interests in real estate development; these courses may be approved for credit for the certificate with permission of the Faculty Director of the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development.


Note that a real-estate-related MAP project in the Ross School may be counted toward meeting one or two of the course requirements for the certificate. The requirements the course meets depend on the content of the MAP. Students should provide a copy of the completed MAP project to the Faculty Director for a decision about what requirements the MAP meets.


CourseTitleCreditsSchoolTypically offeredWinter 2023Fall 2023Notes*current as of 9.13.23
1. Intro Overview
ARCH 517Architect/Planner as Developer3TaubmanWinterNoYesCross-listed with URP 555
URP 555Architect/Planner as Developer3TaubmanWinterNoYesCross-listed with ARCH 517
URP 596Fundamentals of Real Estate3TaubmanFallNoYes
URP 610Trends in Real Estate3TaubmanWinterYesNoEffective Winter 2023
2. Real Estate Finance and Investment
FIN 533Finan Mgt2.25RossFall, Winter, Spr/SprSum/SumNoOffered Winter 2023
FIN 566Real Estate Finance and Investment I3RossWinterYesNo
FIN 575Financial Modeling1.5RossWinterYesNoMust take second course to earn 3 required credits
URP 510Fiscal Planning and Management2-3TaubmanFallYes
URP 591Financing Real Estate Development3TaubmanWinterYesYes
URP 610Trends in Real Estate3TaubmanWinterYesYesIf taken Winter 2022
3. Real Estate and Land Use Law
BL 582Real Estate Law3RossWinterYesNoARCH 551-Revealing Data
LAW 406Real Estate Transactions2LawNoYes
LAW 432Tax Planning for Real Estate Transactions2LawFallNoYes
LAW 498Real Estate Entrepreneurship2LawWinterYesNo
LAW 560Property4LawFall, WinterYesYes
LAW 612Alternate Dispute Resolution3LawFall, WinterYesYes
LAW 735Public Control of Land Use3LawNoNo
LAW 826Fair Housing Law and Policy2LawWinterNoNo
URP 502U.S. Planning Institutions and Law3TaubmanWinterYesNo
URP 503Comparative Planning Institutions and Law3TaubmanWinterNoNo
4. Real Estate in the Urban Development Context
KINESLGY 513Sports, Real Economic Development3KinesiologyFallYesNo
FIN 563Real Estate Development in Practice3RossFall, WinterYesYesCan only be used for one category
URP 525Regional Planning3TaubmanNoYes
URP 572Comparative Housing and Property Policy3TaubmanFallNoYes
URP 573Infrastructure Planning3TaubmanWinterNoNo
URP 580Metropolitan Structures3TaubmanWinterYesNo
URP 581Housing Policy & Economics3TaubmanFallNoYes
URP 582Neighbor Hood Planning3TaubmanFallNoYes
URP 584Economic Development Planning3TaubmanWinterYesNo
URP 594Real Estate and Urban Development3TaubmanWinterYesNo
5. Design and Implementation
ARCH 509High Density Design3TaubmanSpringNoNoOffered during Spring 2021
ARCH 523History of Urban Forrm3TaubmanFallYes
CEE 531Construction Cost Engineering3EngineeringNoNo
CEE 532Construction Project Engineering3EngineeringYesNo
EAS 533Negotiation Skills3SEASFallNoYes
EAS 787Metropolitan Dynamics Studio2SEASWinterNoYes
FIN 563Real Estate Development in Practice3RossFall, WinterYesYesCan only be used for one category
URP 522Collaborative Planning3TaubmanFallNoYes
URP 541Urban Land Use Planning3TaubmanWinterYesNo
URP 551Physical Planning Workshop3TaubmanFallNoYesCrosslisted with ARCH 509-008 in F22
URP 595Public Private Partnerships3TaubmanFallNoNo
6. The Integrative Seminar
URP 590Seminar in Real Estate Development2TaubmanWinterYesNo